Red Chile con Carne

Nopalitos Red Chile con Carne

Our delicious Red Chile con Carne is the basis for many of our Mexican food dishes and is made using an old family recipe handed down through generations of the Gallegos family. Made with Hatch Valley Red Chiles and slow cooked cuts of pork our Red Chile has a flavor all it’s own. If you have never tasted real Red Chile before you are in for a treat. We are proud to bring you the best tasting Red Chile around.

Real Red Chile is actually very difficult to make. It is a long process that begins with using select aged Hatch Valley Chiles . . .

Chile con Queso

Nopalitos Chile con Queso

Our Chile con Queso is made with real Hatch Valley Green Chile in our special Green Chile Sauce with Melted White Cheese and served with Refried Bean Dip and our signature crispy Tortilla Chips. This dish really brings out the great flavor of our local Hatch Valley Green Chiles, you’re gonna love it!

Chances are, the Chile con Queso you are used to seeing is a combination of Velveeta Cheese and some type of Texas Chili.

Notice the spelling of Chil-E vs. Chil-I? Well, the one with the E, Chile (from Nopalito) means you are getting a dish made from actual locally grown Chile Peppers (no chile powder here!) and is the actual Spanish spelling of the word.

Red Enchilada Plate

Nopalitos Red Enchiladas

Our traditional New Mexico favorite Red Enchiladas are make with our signature old style family recipe Red Chile made by hand from seasoned Red Chiles. No chile powder here! Poured over flat Corn Tortillas New Mexico style and topped with Shredded Cheese and served with Beans and Rice, garnished with shredded Lettuce and Tomato.

Red Enchiladas are one of the staples of traditional New Mexican food, you have to try them!

Green Enchiladas with Ground Beef

Green Enchiladas with Beef

If you like Green Chile you’re going to love our Green Enchiladas with Ground Beef on top. A classic southwestern combination of fresh Green Chile sauce poured over flat Corn Tortillas topped with Ground Beef and shredded Cheese. Our signature Beans and Rice on the side are garnished with fresh Lettuce and Tomato and is served steaming hot fresh from our kitchen.

Combination Plate No. 1

Nopalitos Combination Plate No. 1

Nopalitos Combination Plate Number One has a taste of many of our signature dishes all on one plate.

Starting with our Red Chile con Carne and a Red Enchilada a Beef Taco and Beef Flauta topped with Guacamole along with our Refried Beans and Rice make a plate that will satisfy all of your Mexican Food cravings at one time.

Make it a real feast with our Sopaipillas or Fried Ice Cream for dessert!

Gordita Plate

Nopalito Gordita Plate

Our Gordita Plate features 3 Cornmeal Pockets stuffed with Ground Beef and topped with fresh Lettuce, Tomato, shredded Cheese and served with Beans and Rice.

Chile Rellenos

Nopalitos Chile Rellenos

Our Chile Rellenos are two large Green Chiles stuffed with Cheese, battered and then fried to a perfect golden brown texture then topped with Red or Green Chile and shredded Cheese and served with Beans and Rice. If you have never tried this plate you owe it to yourself!

This dish is a Nopalito specialty and is generally only found in areas that have access to large Green Chiles like our Hatch and Mesilla Valleys. The Tex-Mex version of this dish uses a large green bell pepper and the difference in flavor is unbelievable. Chile Rules!

Tostadas Compuestas

Nopalitos Tostadas Compuestas

One of our specialties! Tostadas Compuestas are 3 crispy Corn Tortilla shells filled with Beans and our Signature Red or Green Chile con Carne and topped with fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado and shredded Cheese. You can add Beans and Rice to this plate for a real feast of Mexican flavor.

Beef or Chicken Taco Plate

Nopalitos Taco Plate

Our fresh handmade Tacos are made with Beef or Shredded Chicken and can be made with either crispy Corn Tortillas or soft Flour Tortilla shells and topped with fresh Lettuce and Tomato and Shredded Cheese and served with Beans and Rice. Just like our Flautas they combine many different tastes and textures into one bite, it’s no wonder Tacos have become synonymous with Mexican Food.

Signature Red Chile Plate

Nopalitos Red Chile Plate

Nopalitos Red Chile Plate showcases our signature homemade Red Chile con Carne. Served with Refried Beans and Rice and garnished with Lettuce and Tomato this southwestern favorite is the cornerstone of New Mexico cuisine.

Making great Red Chile is a very long and arduous process. Most Red Chile is made from dry red chile powder and is a major shortcut that you can taste. Our Red Chile Sauce is made from real Hatch and Mesilla Valley Chile by hand from an old family recipe and slow cooked with our special cuts of pork that yield a delicate flavor unmatched by other methods.