Nopalitos First Restaurant

The Original Nopalito Restaurant
– 1964 –

Our first restaurant was a converted adobe house on the corner of Amador and south Campo street near downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico where the U.S. bank is located today . . .

Nopalitos on Mesquite

The Templo Bautista Becomes The New Nopalito Restaurant
– 1968 –

Located right around the corner from their first restaurant was the Templo Bautista church where Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos first met . . .

Restaurant #2

Nopalito Builds a New Restaurant on Missouri Street
– 1974 –

Nopalito's builds a new restaurant on Missouri Street which was at that time a dirt road . . .

The Original Nopalito

About Us

In 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos decided to go into the business of serving delicious Mexican food to the residents of Las Cruces and the surrounding area. Their first restaurant was located at 226 S. Campo street in a small adobe house on the corner of Campo and Amador about where the US Bank building […]